7 Types of Tips You Can Find in SureTrack

7 Types of Tips You Can Find in SureTrack

As you are probably already aware, SureTrack is a great source of expert knowledge for professional technicians. SureTrack offers vehicle-specific, comprehensive information in easy-to-digest tips. We’re adding new tips every day to ensure you will have the information you need, when you need it. SureTrack offers seven different types of tips to assist you in troubleshooting; below are descriptions of each kind of tip.

1. Real Fixes – These tips are vehicle-specific successful fixes from shops all across the country and are presented in an easy-to-understand Complaint, Cause, Correction format.

Example of a Real Fix Tip

2. Community Tip – SureTrack includes an online community network of professional technicians who share their knowledge and insights with each other. You can troubleshoot that hard-to-diagnose issue by asking a question directly to expert technicians, and you will usually receive a response within minutes. Once a community question has been successfully answered and then closed by the technician who asked the question, it will be turned into a Community Tip. Community members can also enter a tip they feel will help other professional technicians diagnose a particular issue; these tips are also classified as a Community Tip.

Example of a Community Tip

Troubleshooter Tips – Troubleshooter Tips are vehicle-specific and are contributed and enhanced by professional expert technicians in the field. There are several categories of Troubleshooter Tips, and the availability of the various types differs with manufacturer, year, make and model.  All Troubleshooter Tips have gone through a rigorous review by a Snap-on professional technician. Within many Troubleshooter Tips you can find links to OEM-approved diagrams and TSBs. Below are the types of Troubleshooter Tips you can find in SureTrack. Some examples are provided after the descriptions.

3. Code Tip – Tips that provide helpful baseline code information.

4. Symptom Tip – Tips that provide useful symptom-based information.

5. Test Procedure Tip – There are different types of tips within this category, including tips that guide you in how to test a component, after repair drive-cycle procedures, etc..

6. Time-Saver Tip – These are just what the name implies, tips to help you save time in the field.

7. Tech Note Tip – Helpful tips that describe what technicians in the field have noticed when working with a specific issue or component. Think of these tips as an additional guide.

Example of a Code Tip

Example of a Symptom Tip

Example of a Test Procedure Tip – Coolant Sensor Test

Example of a Test Procedure Tip – IAC Relearn Procedure