Find Truck Wiring Diagrams Quickly

Tips for Finding Truck Wiring Diagrams Quickly

Looking for a specific wiring diagram in or but can’t find it? Both programs have several methods for listing wiring diagrams. Below are some tips for finding different types of wiring diagrams quickly. Click the thumbnails to expand the images to full size.

If you’re looking for a chassis diagram (not engine or transmission), these can be found under the Electrical category select “Wiring Diagrams,” and then SYSTEM WIRING DIAGRAMS in the center section.


If you want a transmission wiring diagram, look under the Transmission service category, “Automatic Trans,” then select TRANSMISSION WIRING DIAGRAMS in the center section.


Finally, if you are looking for an engine-specific diagram, select the Engine service category, scroll and select “Wiring diagrams – Engine Performance.” Then from the pane on the right side, pick your specific engine and a list of wiring diagrams will be displayed.



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