Find the Best Times to Reach Your Customers on Facebook

Timing Is Everything: Use Facebook Insights to Schedule
Your Posts for Maximum Customer Engagement

Auto Shop Business Page - SocialCRM Using Insights for TimingSome may say timing is everything in life. Well, they might be on to something. By now you might have realized that social media, especially Facebook, has become a standard way to communicate with your auto repair customers. Creating valuable content and engaging with your customers through posts are more important than ever. Let’s face it; if you are not doing it, your competitors are.

Okay, so you’ve posted here and there, but did you know that according to Louise Meyers, a social media guru, you should be posting a MINIMUM of three times a week? If you just broke a sweat and said to yourself, “Minimum?…,” don’t fear. You can get away with the minimum; just make each post count. After all, your SocialCRM shop marketing service is already taking care of one of those posts a week. There are a number of ways to maximize the effectiveness of each post, but of these, timing is often most overlooked.

When you take the time to create a special message for your customers, you probably don’t want your efforts to be lost by them missing it. Here’s the trick, and you can find it not only for free but also already within your Facebook business page.

Within your insights tab on your business page, you can access the time of day your fans most frequently visit your site. These are the times you should use when scheduling posts!

Find what time your customers are online.

STEP 1: Go to your Insights tab from your main business page and select Post Engagement.

Auto Shop Business Page - SocialCRM Using Insights

Facebook Insights Dashboard Screenshot

STEP 2: You’re there! You can find the time within a specific period where your traffic was highest. This is your sweet spot for selecting the optimal time to post.

Auto Shop Business Page - SocialCRM Using Insights

Times of fan engagement over 7 days

Take it a step further with Facebook Scheduler.

We know that time away from your bay ultimately can equate to fewer cars being serviced. So streamline your posting process and schedule your posts ahead of time. Using this easy-to-use publishing tool in Facebook allows you to relieve the stress of having what might seem like a daunting task looming over your head each day.

  1. On your business page interface, select the “Publishing Tools” tab.
  2. Click Create and post away!
  3. Select the down arrow beside “Publish” and select Schedule.
Auto Shop Business Page Timing - SocialCRM Using Insights

Steps for scheduling a post

  1. Using your Insights Engagement Traffic, choose the date and time when your customers are online.
Auto Shop Scheduling Post - SocialCRM Using Insights

Scheduling posts in Facebook

Reach Beyond Facebook

Creating valuable content that is strategically timed is a great way to reach your customers. It allows you to not only sell but also establish your credibility, engage and build lasting relationships with each of your current and prospective customers. Although social media is a great avenue, it is not the only way to communicate.

SocialCRM and the skilled agents behind it help you attack from all angles, helping you break through the clutter. Reaching your customers through many channels, like email, review management, and direct mail not only extends your reach to new and existing customers, but it also reinforces your brand.

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