Email Marketing is Still Your Best Value

Email Marketing is Still Your Best Value

Email marketing programs drive customer loyalty, and ultimately more revenue for your business. At Mitchell 1, we’re big fans of email marketing because it’s cost effective and it works. If we can save our customers money by doing fewer postcards and more emails, we think that’s a good thing for your business.

Jump Starting Your Email Marketing
Do you wish you had more email addresses for your customers? Although it would be great if shops could collect an email from every customer, we know that it’s not always possible. That’s why we provide an email matching service at no additional charge. We automatically find an average of 500+ emails for the average shop when signing up for our program, and many more during our quarterly email matches. These email matches are then cleansed by sending a Welcome Email to your customers using the newly-found email addresses. This allows us to remove any email addresses that may no longer be valid and also to “opt-out” addresses for customers who no longer wish to receive emails.

Collecting Emails Every Quarter
The quarterly email matches that we provide to our SocialCRM product level customers work in a similar way to the initial match process. Generally, 10 days before the end of the quarter, four times per year, we’ll find email matches for new customers who visited your business since the prior time we attempted a match. You may also be aware that when you enter a new email into your shop management system, a Welcome Email is generated.

Collecting Emails For Brand New Customers
We’re also able to collect valuable email addresses during the phone review process. This will generally result in 10 additional reviews and new emails. Combine that with our expertise for consistently reaching your consumers’ inbox, plus our mobile friendly emails, and you have a powerful marketing program.

Collecting Emails at the Front Counter
Recently, while one of our CRM support agents was talking with a shop owner on the phone, a new consumer walked into the shop. The support agent whispered to the shop owner to ask for their email. The shop owner listened to the spur-of-the-moment suggestion and the consumer gladly complied, resulting in a new email to use for marketing. In most cases, consumers are expecting you to ask – so go ahead, {whisper} “ask for their email.”

One Way to Easily Improve Your CRM Results
If we had one suggestion about how to improve your SocialCRM program results, it would be to talk about the CRM program with customers at the front service counter. Talking about the program and letting your customer know that they’ll be receiving an email about items such as their own service history website, consumer review requests, and special discounts, will result in their being much more likely to respond. The more engaged your customers are, the more loyal they are likely to be to your shop.

Free Welcome Kit For Your Front Counter
Sometimes all you need is a little help to start that email marketing conversation at the front counter. SocialCRM provides a complete Welcome Kit that includes a poster, plexi-glass stand with counter cards, email collection sheet, and more. If you don’t already have one, we encourage you to ask your support agent about it.

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