Meet Your SocialCRM Support Agent: Abagail Brunner (Part 2)

Meet Your SocialCRM Support Agent: Abagail Brunner

(Part 2 of a 2-part series)

The “Meet Your SocialCRM Support Agent” blog feature provides an inside look at the SocialCRM service from the support agent’s perspective. They’ll share their expertise, insights and best practices to help auto repair shops use digital marketing strategies to gain a competitive advantage in their market.

Here’s Part 2 of the interview with Abagail Brunner.

Abagail Brunner

Marcus Mackell: In your opinion, what features of the SocialCRM service are underutilized by shops?

Abagail Brunner: Many shops I work with are not taking full advantage of their Facebook page. I do have some customers who are really, really involved in Facebook and update their page daily. But many others haven’t added new content in over four months – or longer. Generally speaking, it seems that shops are hesitant to communicate on Facebook and it’s not a high priority for them.

Marcus: Why do you think that is?

Abagail: They’re busy with other things and just not engaged with Facebook. When I’m on the phone with them, they’d often rather talk about more traditional strategies like coupons or email blasts. Those are great, but I want them to understand the opportunities with Facebook, too. As part of our service, every week we update their Facebook pages with new content. That gives them a very good head start, but with just a bit of effort they can take their Facebook page to the next level to build customer loyalty and attract new customers.

Marcus: What are some ways that shops can use Facebook to engage with their customers?

Abagail: First, I try to make them feel more comfortable with Facebook — that it’s not this scary monster out there, but actually a valuable tool to reach out to both existing and potential customers. I explain how they have control over their posts so they can share the information that they want their Facebook audience to know about them. I also suggest  ideas for their posts, like providing a tip of the week, or sharing details about special events and even current shop promotions. I give this little “lesson” to about 50 percent of my customers to help them understand the benefits of Facebook and how to make it work for them to grow their business.

Marcus: Can you share a success story  — an AHA moment from one of your customers?

Abagail: I’ve actually had several of those recently, but one that comes to mind is a conversation during a routine program review call. Every month we talk about how things are working and how we can fine-tune the coupons or email blasts to improve response. We’d done an appointment request email blast the previous month with a percentage off discount. From just a handful of responses, that promotion generated a couple thousand dollars in revenue for the shop. He was like, “Wow, this is great!” He told me that within a half hour of the email going out he started getting appointments. He was amazed — and thrilled — at the immediate response he got. He also said some very nice things about the SocialCRM service and thanked me for the support he receives.

Calls like this really make my day. It’s so great when my customers see how the program is working for them and the value they’re receiving. It’s especially exciting right now because we have so many new features to offer — like the mobile-friendly emails and business contact syndication — that can truly make a difference for our customers’ businesses.

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