Share Your SureCritic Reviews on Google+

Did You Know That You Can Share Your SureCritic Reviews on Google+?

It’s no secret that Google is the biggest kid on the playground, but do you know how to play well together? It may be easier than you think!

When consumers search your business name, the first thing they see is your Google+ Business page. You may already have activity on this page, whether you are aware of it or not. Read more here and here about claiming your Google+ page, or creating one if there is not already a page in existence.

Once you have claimed your page, you can add photos, and share links and articles. You can also share your SureCritic Reviews!

Now keep in mind that the reviews will show as a post, not as a Google Review. Google does not accept outside reviews from any source, other than reviews that are posted on Google+ by consumers who have a Google+ login. Still, sharing your SureCritic Reviews as a post on your Google+ Business page will ensure that they are seen, and will also create a backlink to your SureCritic Business Review Page (BRP), which will boost the value of the BRP in Search Engine Ranking to increase visibility.

To share the reviews to your Business page you will need to create a third party login. Call your SocialCRM Support Agent for details on how to start sharing your reviews today!

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