NEW – SocialCRM Integration Shooting For the Stars

NEW – SocialCRM Integration Shooting For the Stars

There are impressive new improvements for Mitchell 1 SocialCRM customers who are also using the Manager SE product. SocialCRM results are now only one click away inside the Manager SE dashboard, and consumer review notifications are indicated with a star above the buttons.

Starting with the free Manager SE upgrade to version 6.5.48, the new SocialCRM buttons give one-click access to the new SocialCRM Reports dashboard. (If you don’t see a button at the top of the Manager SE screen titled “SocialCRM Reports,” then you have not upgraded to the new version, but should be receiving your automatic upgrade soon.)

We’ve outlined many of the screens below, but there are others that you can explore on your own. And yes, the new reporting environment is tablet friendly.

The New “SocialCRM Reports” Button

The new SocialCRM button is located at the top of the Manager SE program – see Graphic #1 below. Click on the images to expand to full size.

Graphic #1

Clicking the button gives one-click access to your SocialCRM homescreen – see Graphic #2 below.

Graphic #2


If that “SocialCRM Reports” button has a star above it, that means you have a new consumer review – see Graphic #3 below.

Graphic #3


Clicking the “SocialCRM Reports” button when it has a star above it will bring you to your SocialCRM dashboard to see the new consumer review – see Graphic #4 below.

Graphic #4


Your new dashboard is completely interactive and allows you to respond to or share a consumer review, or click on the customer’s name to see the consumer detail screen. Also clicking any bar on the bar graph will bring you to those specific types of communications sent.  See Graphic #5 below.

Graphic #5


 The New SocialCRM Details Button

There is now a new “SocialCRM Details” button on the Customer, Vehicle, Order screens. If that button has a star, it means that consumer has given you a review from a previous visit. By simply mousing over the button it will tell you how many stars out of 5 the consumer gave you – see Graphic #6 below.

Graphic #6



Or see the “SocialCRM Details” button at the bottom of the Vehicle and Order screens.  See Graphic #7 below.

Graphic #7


Clicking the “SocialCRM Details” button brings up the SocialCRM Details screen for the specific consumer and shows every communication sent by your SocialCRM service as well as Invoices (green). See Graphic #8 below.

Graphic # 8


Similar to your new SocialCRM Reports dashboard shown earlier, the SocialCRM Details screen is also completely interactive. By rolling-over the email addresses for example you’ll see the status of the emails or where the email was acquired – see Graphic #9. You will also see the Invoice detail by clicking on the green invoice line – see Graphic #10 below.

Graphic #9

Graphic #10


About the Author

Brian Warfield

Brian Warfield is a Senior Product Manager for the Mitchell 1 SocialCRM product line. He has been in the automotive software business for over 20 years and has earned a degree in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati Business College.