Best of the Blogs – 2018 ProDemand Updates

ProDemand Updates for 2018

After closing out 2017 with the big release of ProDemand’s 1Search Plus advanced search engine and interface, we by no means lost momentum in 2018. As usual, Mitchell 1 is passionate about creating value for our customers and finding new and innovative ways to help technicians and shop owners speed up efficiency.

In 2018, we took this passion and molded it into some pretty cool features and functions, both minor and major updates. Get caught up on all the new features in ProDemand and learn more about them by clicking on the blog links:

ProDemand Update: Improvements to Heading Navigation, Plate-to-VIN, Community Module (Published February 5, 2018)

  • Heading navigation improvements – Information headings have been updated to make navigation easier by adding number labels and new icons and arranging them in a code-component-symptom format.
  • Plate-to-VIN remembers state selection – ProDemand automatically defaults to the last state you looked up, rather than reverting back to the first alphabetical listing,saving time.
  • View community threads specific to your vehicle – ProDemand’s Community module now default filters to the specific vehicle you are looking up, so you don’t have to sift through a sea of unrelated articles or waste time filtering yourself.

ProDemand Updates – April 6, 2018

  • Component test Quick Link – A new Component Test Quick Link has been added to the Quick Link Ribbon, giving you immediate access to the exclusive information you need to efficiently diagnose a component.
  • Back arrow on breadcrumb navigation – A back arrow has been added to the breadcrumb navigation at the top of a search, so you can navigate within articles quickly.
  • Eight character license plate lookup – An extra entry digit has been added to account for some vanity plates from certain states.

ProDemand Updates – April 25, 2018

  • 1SearchPlus Highlighting – After performing a search with 1Search Plus, content associated with your search results will automatically be highlighted.
  • Saved Quotes Time Stamp Corrected – Saved quotes are now given a time stamp with the correct time zone adjusted for your area, and you can save up to 500quotes.

ProDemand Update – Vehicle Trend Analysis (Published May 24, 2018)

A feature exclusive to Mitchell 1, a Vehicle Trend Analysis is now offered in the Consumer Report printout, which is trend information based off of repair orders that tells you what components are most frequently replaced within ± 7500 miles.

ProDemand Updates – September 7, 2018

  • Estimate guide search improvements – The Estimate Guide module’s functionality has been noticeably improved by applying the same 1Search Plus advanced search engine technology and now returns even more precise search results.
  • Estimate guide help documents – Documentation to help you with the estimate guide has been updated. 

ProDemand Updates – Community Trends (October 4, 2018)

Relevant community trends will be delivered as part of your search results and will display open questions, answered questions or posted fixes from SureTrack Community members that are specific to your search.

ProDemand Updates – October 18, 2018

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Quick Link – As the latest generation of vehicles makes their way into the aftermarket,proper maintenance and repair is of critical importance. ProDemand has streamlined your lookup process for ADAS-equipped vehicles, consolidating all the information you need to diagnose, repair and calibrate ADAS features into a user-friendly table.
  • Extended Maintenance Mileage Intervals – ProDemand adds updated maintenance mileage information for vehicles all the way to 300,000 miles versus the 100,000 to125,000 mile information OEMs generally offer.

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