Best of the 2017 Truck “Did You Knows”

As the year is coming to a close, we wanted to take a look back at some of the insight our industry experts have given us throughout 2017. The “Did You Know” section is a great way for our content writers to flex their knowledge not only about the TruckSeries and Manager SE Truck Edition software but also the ins and outs of truck repair and other topics of interest in the trucking world. We collected eight of our reader’s favorite “Did You Know” blogs and put them into this list, so you can quickly access some good reads. Enjoy!

We’ll be adding lots more of these in 2018, so be sure to come back here often. Click the blue links or the thumbnails to read the full posts.

Maintaining a Healthy Interior EnvironmentMaintaining a Healthy Interior Environment

A long-haul truck driver can spend up to 24 hours in his or her cab and/or sleeper. The air quality in that small space is important to the driver’s health. Almost all trucks today come with a cabin air filter designed to clean all air entering the truck. The device using a filter media much like the filter that cleans the engine intake air.


Tips for Winterizing Your TruckTips for Winterizing Your Truck

With the cold winter season fast approaching, it’s time again to make sure your truck repairs and maintenance plans are getting your customers ready for the harsh winter weather. Check out these seven major truck components you do not want to miss.


Tips for “Old School” Electrical Connector MaintenanceTips for “Old School” Electrical Connector Maintenance

With the end of summer, the beginning of the wet and cold seasons looms on the horizon. For those who service or operate older equipment without weatherproof electrical connectors, it means it’s time to ensure that all exposed electrical connections are in good shape, along with all the other winter maintenance checks for commercial trucks.


The New Generation of Smart Integrated PowertrainsThe New Generation of Smart Integrated Powertrains

Customization, fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions are the primary goals of the trucking industry as it reaches new technological heights in performance and reliability. Reinforced head and blocks, and state-of-the-art aerodynamics combine to improve fuel efficiency, achieve maximum torque, enhance safety and reduce emissions.


Feeling the Pressure BlogFeeling the pressure?

Rapid technology changes in modern trucks make it difficult to stay competitive in the repair industry. Electronic controls, emissions control technology, combustion chamber design and VGT Turbo’s are all areas that have changed substantially. These are just a few of the recent advancements.


Reduce Downtime with Proper DPF Maintenance BlogReduce Downtime with Proper DPF Maintenance

Proper preventive maintenance of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) plays a key role in keeping commercial vehicles up and running. Fleet managers now schedule DPF cleaning as part of regular maintenance. The result is less downtime and fewer unexpected DPF service surprises.


Helping Your Truck Stay Right Side Up Blog Helping Your Truck Stay Right Side Up!

In the trucking industry today there are so many things that contribute to accidents. New drivers with limited experience, larger multi-trailer vehicles, increased load variability, additional demands on drivers, increased traffic density, numerous in-the-cab distractions, and more.


TPMS & Tire Maintenance a Must for Today’s TrucksTPMS & Tire Maintenance a Must for Today’s Trucks

Proper tire maintenance is of the utmost importance for vehicle safety, especially in the trucking industry where vehicles are in constant use and tires rack up so many miles. To ensure long tread life and avoid blowouts, tires on commercial vehicles must be properly inspected, maintained and inflated.

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