Business Management

The goal of Manager™ SE is to make attaining your business objectives as simple as possible. The Manager SE automotive business management software gives you the tools you need to manage your shop’s performance. You’ll have reports for all aspects of your shop, safeguarded data and real-world support from your auto repair shop peers in our shop management forum.

NEW: Time Management

The Time Manager feature in the Manager SE shop management system give you full visibility to technicians’ repair labor activity and employee (service advisors, any technicians also paid hourly wage) workday shifts, all presented in a secure, intuitive dashboard.

Technician Job Clock

Technician Labor Job Clock — Technicians clock in and out of labor operations to track their time for each assigned job. Upon a job’s completion, Time Clocked value populates the Actual Hours field in the Manager SE repair order labor item. Shop management can quickly review clocked-in hours and efficiency for each technician. If any clocked time exceeds pay hours, managers are alerted to this on the Technician Job Time Card.

Employee Shift Clock [optional][/optional] — Shop employees can track their hours on the time tracking website (clock in/out for shift and access data in read-only mode) using their own mobile device.

Current Activity Screen — Managers can quickly confirm which employees are clocked in for their workday shift and Service Advisors can monitor progress of current technician workloads, including jobs assigned and total clocked time for each. Security settings ensure proper access and privileges for every role in the shop.

For full details, read the blog post:
Time Manager Brings Tools for Managers & Technicians


Dive deeper into your performance with over 180 integrated reports to see where you’re succeeding and where you need to make adjustments. Car counts, total sales, average RO amount, invoice profit summaries, service writer and technician productivity, coupon utilization and more are all available. All of this automotive business management information is plotted in Manager SE by day, week, month and year for your convenience.

Data Protection

Storing all of your automotive business data on your shop computer is convenient, but may be risky. Your critical data, such as customer information, vehicle repair histories, and invoices may be lost at any time. Manager SE auto repair shop management software includes built-in Data Protection and Recovery, automatically backing up your shop management data to a secure remote location every day. In the event of disaster, you’ll have guaranteed 4-hour business day recovery, allowing you to be back in business almost immediately.

Part Ordering

We’ve got an ever-growing collection of parts catalogs, including specialty parts and tires — just a click away in the Manager SE automotive business management software. When ordering your parts electronically through Manager SE, a purchase order is generated automatically, creating a trackable record of all your parts. Tire cataloging includes its own pricing matrix and automatic application of tire disposal fees.

Check warehouse inventory and order parts with up-to-the-minute pricing. If a catalog has a picture of the part, you’ll see it in Manager SE, giving you confidence that you’re ordering the exact part you need. Purchase orders are automatically created by Manager SE and easily accessible for each of your orders.


The next generation of the shop scheduler/calendar helps you improve efficiency by maximizing your available resources. Quick views of your schedule by day, week and month, plus the option to schedule same-day appointments and warnings when resources are double-booked give you better control of your automotive business management.

Creating an appointment with Manager SE’s estimating tools saves you time and reduces the likelihood of entry error. Topping it off, the user interface features drag-and-drop capability, making it easy to change appointments and re-assign resources on-the-fly.

Purchase Orders

When you order your parts electronically through Manager SE, a purchase order is generated automatically, creating a trackable record of all your ordered parts. Use this record to control parts-related expenses and monitor trends.


Your auto techs are profit centers – if you can capture what they find when they’re servicing a vehicle. Manager SE makes it easy to add revisions to repair orders, so that you can call a customer to suggest a part replacement and have a revised estimate ready to discuss (up to nine revisions can be stored).

Markup Matrix

A completely customizable Markup Matrix means that markups are entirely up to you, and can be as progressive as you want. Now you can make more profit on those inexpensive but hard-to-manage parts like clamps, fasteners and fluids.

Repair Order Management

Manager SE gives you complete control over every aspect of your repair order workflow. From tracking referrals to recommended RO revisions, parts ordering, tech worksheets and job scheduling, you can save time while boosting efficiency and profits.

Technician Assignment/Worksheet

In a single printout, give your techs everything they need to move a vehicle through the shop. Labor descriptions and times, parts required, and mileage/last visit, all available in a handy checklist format that comes back to the service advisor to help your QC. There’s even room for the tech’s notes, so that his or her observations of the vehicle can get entered into Manager SE for future recommendations.

Marketing Source

Knowing how your customers found you is a critical component to effective marketing. Manager SE makes it easy to monitor the success of all your marketing efforts by tracking the initial source of the customer visit, which customers referred them as well as sales tied to current ads, postcards, emails and more.

Management Forum

Get the most out of your Manager SE auto shop management software with the Shop Management Forum. This online community of Manager SE experts and shop users is hosted by Mitchell 1 Manager SE training staff. The Management Forum is the place where shop owners and technicians share questions, offer solutions, and discuss best practices in an interactive Web-based environment.