Windows 10: Should I Update Now or Wait?

Windows 10: Should I Update Now or Wait?

The biggest computer news this summer is likely the new Windows 10 operating system. This update will be available FREE on July 29th for all Windows 7 & 8 users. Yes, a FREE upgrade from Microsoft. Mitchell 1 has quietly been testing the performance of all of our applications with Windows 10 and I’m pleased to report that, for the most part, everything is a go.

I can’t wait to sink my teeth into a new version of Windows; experiencing what’s new, what’s cool, seeing how it’s going to help me do my job better. However, there is also an inner voice that compels me to proceed with great caution, as there are some applications I simply cannot live without for any length of time.

Microsoft isn’t simply introducing a new version of Windows, it’s a complex operating system (OS) change. It’s a BIG change with lots of new functionality and “replacement parts.” With this version, Microsoft is making some major changes that could affect all of us.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: Some programs that are found to operate fine under Windows 10 would present a real problem if you had to re-install. For example, the Mitchell 1 Manager 5.9 software will NOT install on Windows 10 and that could force some decisions.

Mitchell 1’s advice is to be patient. Microsoft will be offering this free update to Windows 7 & 8 users for at least a year. Think of Windows 10 as an entirely new model — the first model year of a brand new vehicle. It’s going to have some bugs and room for improvement. Before you decide to upgrade, let the dust settle first; watch what the technical media and experts have to say and observe others’ experience.

My best advice for repair shops still using Manager 5.9 is that your best upgrade may not be to Windows 10, but rather the FREE upgrade to Manager SE with advanced features. That’s a move I can recommend right now without any reservations.

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