Where The Heck Did They Put That?

Ever have trouble finding information you need for a simple procedure, quick diagnosis or torque specification verification?

Sometimes the information is there, but finding it requires drilling down through systems, categories, removal & installation, testing, diagnostics, etc. It can be frustrating at times. This is where the Keyword Search feature in TruckSeries, repair information software for Class 4-8 trucks, comes in handy.

I recently assisted a customer who was having difficulty finding DTC P204F trouble shooting procedures for a 2011 Hino 338 SCR system. Using the keyword search I showed him how to obtain his information with just a few quick steps. Let’s take a look.

First, using the Table of Contents, I select the three items  belowto get into the DEF SCR information and look for required code and testing (Figure 1):

  1. Engine Performance
  2. Testing & Diagnosis
  3. Fuel Control (DEF SCR)
Keword Search: TruckSeries Truck Repair Information

Figure 1

Next, I head right to the Keyword Search tab and type in my code P204F, hit enter, and all information pertaining to this code is listed right there (Figure 2). I can easily scroll through listed items, select the one I want and I am right where I need to be. I have now saved myself some time and can get right back to the truck and complete my repairs.


To see more helpful tricks and tips, go to the TruckSeries home page and select the Training Center button in the lower left hand corner (Figure 3). You’ll be linked to the Get2Know training center for TruckSeries. We’ve got a lot of resources for you here to help you find the information you need quickly so you can get that truck back on the road.

Figure 3

Figure 3

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