Two New ProDemand Videos Help You Save Time

Two New ProDemand Videos Help You Save Time

We’re pleased to share two new videos demonstrating some of the cool new features in ProDemand. These are short videos that dive into the ProView and Top 10 Repairs Lists, providing step-by-step insights into real-world scenarios where these features could save technicians time in diagnosing and repairing vehicles.

For a quick glimpse at how these features work, click the images below to watch the videos.

ProView is a unique a new troubleshooting tool to help service professionals relate diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and symptoms to components based on real-world content. ProView often reveals surprising possible causes based on code combinations, helping guide techs quickly to an accurate diagnosis.

Click the image to watch the video.

The Top 10 Repairs List in ProDemand completely changed the way users search and retrieve repair information, taking the user experience to the next level of efficiency. Technicians simply select a vehicle and ProDemand retrieves all the related data, organized into four lists: components, codes, symptoms and lookups.

Click the image to watch the video

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Gary Hixson

Gary Hixson is a Sr. Market Manager at Mitchell 1, and is responsible for product and market management of the Repair Information product line. Most recently he managed the release of ProDemand™, the industry-leading repair, diagnostic and maintenance information system.