TruckSeries: How Your Feedback Helps us Help You

TruckSeries: How Your Feedback Helps us Help You

As technicians, our minds work in all kinds of ways. We look for solutions to complex problems and we question everything. We’re always looking for a better way to fix something or solve a problem. Today’s digital world provides us with a massive amount of information, and occasionally we discover something just doesn’t seem right.

It’s the same with Mitchell 1. If you see something a little “off” in our truck products, we have a built-in way for you to let us know. In order to assist you, we’ve placed a “Feedback” button on the lower right corner of the TruckSeries homepage. It provides a direct link for you to submit product content feedback. Simply click on the feedback button to open a form and submit your information.

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What happens after you hit Submit? Those forms are directed to a committee of real people who monitor the feedback on a daily basis and meet in person to discuss issues and determine if corrections are required. Issues requiring immediate attention are passed on to one of our automotive editors for research and follow up.

If something in any of the truck products doesn’t seem right to you, or you need assistance locating your repair information, please take a moment to write it into a feedback form and send it over to us. This helps us provide you with any additional information you may require and also contributes to our process of continuous product content improvement.

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