The Mystery Wiring Diagram Belongs To…

The Mystery Wiring Diagram Belongs To…

Factoid Friday Trivia Game Answer & Winner for July Announced!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a guess in our Factoid Friday Wiring Diagram trivia quiz for July! The Factoid Friday trivia game uses the iconic pieces of automotive history from the Mitchell 1 Library as the basis for trivia guessing game.

The question for July was:
“What is the year and make of the vehicle to which the wiring diagram below belongs?

The correct answer was a 1912 Cadillac – see below for the wiring diagram with the full specifications from the National Service Manual of Starting, Lighting and Ignition, published by the National Automotive Service. Guesses included everything from a 1925 Ford to an 1899 Porsche. Jim Dunham of Leetonia, Ohio submitted the only correct answer and has won a $25 Amazon gift card. Congratulations, Jim!

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As a point of interest, this vehicle marked a significant technological breakthrough for the time: it was the first production automobile with electric start. Before the Delco system with Starting, Ignition and Lighting was introduced on the Cadillac in 1912, you had to hand crank to get started.

Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time; we’ll be doing another Factoid Friday next month. In the meantime, visit the ProDemand blog often for helpful hints and valuable information to help you master the software and fix cars more efficiently.

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