The Heat Is On

With summer in full swing, temperatures are rising. In Southern California alone, we have already seen temperatures well over 100 degrees. These extreme temperatures place a very high demand on the cooling system. This is why it is important to ensure it is being properly maintained and filled with the correct coolant that will keep the truck on the road.

Major breakdowns due to a faulty cooling system can result in the truck being off the road, meaning they are losing money. Long gone are the days of removing the radiator cap, opening the radiator drain valve and then refilling the system. These are sophisticated systems requiring specific maintenance and servicing procedures.

Having comprehensive and reliable truck repair information, like TruckSeries, can be very helpful and even imperative when diagnosing, servicing, maintaining and repairing the cooling systems of today. Topics you should be able to find in your repair information include diagnosing and testing, draining, flushing and refilling, special bleeding procedures, coolant requirements and capacities, component removal and installation, specifications and any other information you may need that will help you do the maintenance or make the proper repair.

Luckily, if you have TruckSeries, all of that information is included! For more information on where this information is found within TruckSeries, take a look at the Get2Know resources in Mitchell 1’s online product training and support site.

OEMs have very definite instructions to follow when servicing and repairing the cooling system. So it is important to make sure you check your information before you apply a fix. This allows you to follow best practices by checking repair information that will lead you to an accurate fix faster, so you are working smarter, not harder. Stay cool and enjoy your summer!

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