• I Claimed My Google Business Profile, Now What?

    You don’t have to be a marketing guru to manage your shop’s online presence and keep it current with fresh, high-quality content. Mitchell 1 has recently released a new feature called Google Campaigns that makes it easy for shops to manage their Google Business Profile and Facebook page with just few clicks.

  • Meet your Mitchell 1 Marketing Team Member: Branden Parish

    The “Meet Your Team Member” feature provides an inside look at the SocialCRM auto shop marketing service from the perspective of one of our product experts. In an interview format, they share expertise, insights and best practices to help auto repair shops use digital marketing strategies to gain competitive advantage in their market. This time we had the opportunity to sit down with Branden Parish, one of our newer members of the Mitchell 1 SocialCRM shop marketing team.

  • Who’s thinking about the holidays already?!

    It’s never too early to be thinking of the Holidays! Both to make sure you’re not buying gifts at the last minute but mostly to take the opportunity and bring some business to your repair shop with some tried and proven Holiday marketing efforts. Learn how our SocialCRM Marketing Team can help you plan and execute all your holiday marketing ideas here in this blog.

  • Do you know what SEO is? Should you know? Why yes you should!

    Search Engine Optimization – commonly referred to as “SEO” – is the foundation for driving online traffic to your website. The use of strong keywords, well written editorials, and a great looking website all contribute to increasing your shop’s SEO ranking in search engines. Learn some great tips from one of our marketing experts here at Mitchell 1 on how you can get SEO on your side to help your business grow in this blog!

  • Bad Review, No Problem! SocialCRM Has You Covered!

    Google reviews have a tremendous impact on the online reputation of every business, including auto repair shops. Its what prospective customers rely on to determine if they want to do business with your shop – and what current customers use to determine if they want to keep coming back. Learn how with the power of SocialCRM and ReScore, you can get those positive reviews going and working for you!

  • How Google Ads Can Help Your Auto Repair Business Grow

    SocialCRM makes the world of Google Ads easy for repair shops. Our Google Ads Specialist shares tips on how Google Ads can help your business grow, with very little effort on your part. After all, you have other work to do, cars to fix and customers to service.

  • ASK THE EXPERT: Changing Customer Expectations

    Communicating with customers has never been easier – or more complex at the same time. But with new technologies, your shop can communicate clearly, more efficiently and well within the legal parameters. Our own Marcus Mackell, product marketing manager for SocialCRM recently spoke with MotorAge and dove into the way’s customer communication tactics have changed, and how communication will look in the future; including some guidelines and best practices for shops to follow and look for.