• 5 Steps to a more accurate diagnosis

    Diagnostic procedures usually help us to dot our i’s and cross our t’s when we take the time to follow them. Having a diagnostic path to follow is a great help, even though it may appear a bit laborious at times. Here are 5 steps from our own Jake Schell to help you get a more accurate diagnosis.

  • Jumpstart Your Diagnosis with a Little Research

    CRPChart_featuredHave you ever jumped “into the weeds” to solve what seems like a complex vehicle issue, only to discover some time later that it was something basic, like an alternator with a bad diode or a loose battery cable? It’s OK, it happens. But it’s happening less often for technicians who use their repair information system to do some quick and simple research right at the beginning of the repair.

  • Want to Increase Diagnostic Accuracy and Efficiency?

    Want to Increase Diagnostic Accuracy and Efficiency? Take a Walking Tour of SureTrack As vehicles and vehicle issues become increasingly more complex, so, too, are the challenges you’re facing in the bay. What if you had a source of expert knowledge combining diagnostic experience with repair timesavers and detailed parts replacement records available just a […]