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ProDemand Technical Service Bulletin Lead Time Reduced to Two Weeks

One of the most important sets of data that Mitchell 1 provides is the Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs).  TSBs are issued by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to alert service professionals to occurrences of unanticipated problems.  TSBs are often written as a result of technicians seeing a problem with the vehicle in the bay.  We always recommend checking for any related TSBs prior to starting a job, since TSBs are such a great source of information and can provide a quick method to solving the problem you are seeing with the vehicle.

Since TSBs are so important, the Mitchell 1 editorial staff focused this year on minimizing the lead time from when the OEM publishes the TSB to when it appears in ProDemand.  Previously, we had lead times between two weeks and four months for our TSBs.  The Mitchell 1 editors re-examined our process, re-designed it, and worked with the OEMs to cut lead times for almost all TSBs to no more than two weeks from when the OEM publishes the TSB until you see the TSB in our product.*

We’re very proud of our accomplishment, and we feel good about adding real value for our customers.  Mitchell 1 will continue to look at how we process data to seek out improvements we can make in delivering information to you.

*There are two exceptions to this rule:  Smart and Mini OEMs have slightly longer lead times on TSBs.

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Michael Moffett

Michael Moffett spent over 20 years as an aftermarket technician. He has been working in the TSB group at Mitchell 1 for over 10 years. He joined Mitchell 1 in 1998 and is currently a Technical Editor with the Automotive Repair Group.