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With this year being Mitchell 1’s 100th anniversary, and being inspired by the essence of “Flashback Friday,” we are bringing back Factoid Friday, a guessing game that blends a twist of trivia with an interactive component and features pieces of iconic automotive history from Mitchell 1. To keep things interesting, we even offer a prize!

Throughout the decades the auto repair industry has seen rapid growth in the number of makes and models offered in the market as well as the exponential advancement in car technology. With this also came some pretty significant changes in how the industry and Mitchell 1 have had to develop and distribute auto repair information to handle the surge of new information. We started with those old fashioned things called “books!”

As technology progressed, so did we. By 1989, Mitchell 1 took the first step away from books and put our ground-breaking auto repair information on CD-ROM. That was ON-DEMAND™ — the first computer-based repair information product for repair shops. Of course, data kept multiplying, so eventually, Mitchell 1 moved to DVD (On-Demand4), then to a web-based model, first with and now ProDemand.

Now it’s time for you to be the best automotive Sherlock Holmes you can be and figure out the answer to a Factoid Friday question about our legacy repair information data!

Factoid Friday Mitchell 1 contest graphic - on demand cdsHere’s the Factoid Question:

Before DVDs were an option, the amount of repair information contained in the ON-DEMAND™ CDs was immense. There was so much, in fact, that we had to put the data on multiple CDs to create a full set of information. So right before the DVDs came out in 1998, how many CDs were included in a full set of ON-DEMAND™ software by 1997?

Clue #1: Michigan, iron, Jean Harlow, darts and Lincoln all have this number in common. To make your guess, answer in the comments section.

Clue #2: If you play cards (or count cards 😉) This is a very important number to you.

Want a hint? Check the Mitchell 1 Twitter feed (using the hashtag #M1FactoidFriday) over the next week for hints:

Whoever has the closest answer will win a $25 gift card. Deadline to answer is 5:00 p.m. (Pacific) on Friday, October 26, 2018. You only get one guess, so make it a good one. In the case of a tie, a winner will be selected randomly from among those who submitted correct answers. We will provide the answer and announce the winner right here in a future blog post, so stay tuned!

Submit your answer below in the “Leave a Comment” section. (By entering, you agree to have your name published if you have the winning guess. Your contact information will not be published, and will only be used to contact you to arrange for delivery of the prize. Mitchell 1 and Snap-on employees, contractors and their families are welcome to participate but are not eligible to win the prize. Void where prohibited.) Good luck!

Factoid Friday Duration: October 5-26, 2018

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