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With this year being Mitchell 1’s 100th anniversary, and being inspired by the essence of “Flashback Friday,” we are bringing back Factoid Friday, a guessing game that blends a twist of trivia with an interactive component and features pieces of iconic automotive history from Mitchell 1. To keep things interesting, we even offer a prize!

As we celebrate our century of innovation in the remaining months of our anniversary year, we will be taking a look at different time periods and presenting a new Factoid Friday every month. Since Mitchell 1’s roots go back to 1918, we decided to start with the 1920s to the 1950s.

Searching for inspiration, it’s only natural that I headed to the Mitchell 1 library, a rich resource of automotive history dating all the way back to our first known manual, published in 1918. Even though most of the information is now contained electronically inside our ProDemand auto repair information software— just a mouse click away when you’re repairing a vehicle — we keep the books on hand for reference by our editorial and product content support teams.

As I perused the aisles, the smell of old books filled the air. At last, I found a fascinating book that caught my eye—a book about 7 inches thick and heavy enough to use as a workout weight! Barely bound together from the effects of age, I slowly flipped through the worn pages.

That’s where I found this hidden gem. A wiring diagram from the mystery car you have to guess. Wow, this is far different than the industry’s best collection of scalable, full-color wiring diagrams that can be seen in ProDemand. Now it’s time for you to be the best automotive Sherlock Holmes you can be and figure out the answer!

Here’s the Factoid Question:

Mitchell 1 Contest -Best Wiring Diagrams for Automotive Repair ShopWhat is the make and year of the vehicle to which the wiring diagram below belongs? (Click thumbnail to enlarge the image.)

5 Hints: 

– It’s an American car.
– It is no longer sold.
– It started in the 1920s.
– It has a famous parent company.
– It served as a mid-to lower-priced car option.
– It was named after a Spanish explorer.the mystery car, when released in
– This year came without the hidden-headlight feature and with fender contours extending into the doors.

Also check the Mitchell 1 Twitter feed (using the hashtag #M1FactoidFriday) over the next week for additional hints:

Whoever has the closest answer will win a $25 gift card. Deadline to answer is 5:00 p.m. (Pacific) on Friday, August 31, 2018. You only get one guess, so make it a good one. In the case of a tie, a winner will be selected randomly from among those who submitted correct answers. We will provide the answer and announce the winner right here in a future blog post, so stay tuned!

Submit your answer below in the “Leave a Comment” section. (By entering, you agree to have your name published if you have the winning guess. Your contact information will not be published, and will only be used to contact you to arrange for delivery of the prize. Mitchell 1 and Snap-on employees, contractors and their families are welcome to participate, but are not eligible to win the prize. Void where prohibited.) Good luck!

Factoid Friday Duration: August 2018-December 2018; 1 time per month


ANSWER: 1946 De Soto – S11S Deluxe

The De Soto was a Chrysler brand that was born in 1928 and discontinued in 1961. It competed with other mid-priced brands from other companies and as Chrysler’s lower-priced vehicle offering. The car was named after Spanish explorer, Hernando de Soto, who was the first European who was proven to have crossed the Mississippi River.

Specs for 1946 DeSoto Car - At Car Show for Classic Cars

For more information on the De Soto, visit:

Car Specifications