Mobile ManagerPro Now Connects with SureTrack

Mobile ManagerPro Now Connects with SureTrack

Diagnosing and fixing vehicles has gotten even easier for auto repair shops using the Mobile ManagerPro digital multi-point inspection tool and SureTrack, the vehicle diagnostic module in ProDemand.

We’re pleased to tell you about a major feature enhancement that has just been implemented to integrate the two systems. Now shops can use their tablet device to quickly retrieve a host of real-world information for the selected vehicle directly from their management system.

Shops using Mobile ManagerPro have already been able to take advantage of time-saving VIN scanning and decoding, license plate decoding, canned jobs, canned recommendations, auto-populated inspection forms, text messaging and customer signature capture, among other efficiency-boosting features. Now shops can also access common replaced component data, along with Real Fixes, symptom-based information and guided component tests. In addition, the SureTrack article, which is displayed in the 3-C format (concern, cause, correction), can be viewed and added as a note on the repair order.

In the same way that Mobile ManagerPro eliminates the time that technicians would have spent hand writing multi-point inspections and entering the information back into the shop management system, SureTrack simplifies the vehicle diagnosis process. With SureTrack, techs can type in a code, symptom or component and dive in to real world insight from professional technicians and actual repair orders, all organized in a user-friendly format.

Integrating with SureTrack is just another way that Mobile ManagerPro customers can simplify their shop’s daily routines.

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