Meet Your Support Agent: Lizzy Murphy

Lizzy Murphy talks about SocialCRM's LocalSearchThe “Meet Your Support Agent” feature provides an inside look at the SocialCRM auto shop marketing service from the support agent’s perspective. In an interview format, they share some behind the scenes action as well as expertise, insights and best practices to help your auto repair shop use digital marketing & social media strategies to gain a competitive advantage in your market. This time we had the opportunity to sit down with Elizabeth Murphy, aka Lizzy, to discuss what she enjoys about Mitchell 1 and gain a little insight into some of the best features of the new SocialCRM LocalSearch package.

Please tell us a little bit about your background and how you made it to Mitchell 1.

I actually grew up with Mitchell 1. Both of my parents worked here, and my career started here in 2010. My initial position was as a receptionist, but I quickly moved over to the Customer Care group. Customer Care and the SocialCRM group were located right next to each other, and as much as I enjoyed the Customer Care department, I could hear how engaged and how much fun the SocialCRM team had with their customers. I wanted to be a part of that. Also, digital marketing was becoming a growing passion of mine, so in 2012 I made the move to the SocialCRM group.

What are some of your favorite things about working at Mitchell 1?

From a professional standpoint, I really appreciate the way the company treats customers and employees alike. Mitchell 1 is really interested in looking out for the best interest of their customers and their needs, as well as the professional development and family/personal lives of their staff. It is really refreshing. I also enjoy the SocialCRM department’s potlucks we try to do every month. They are epic! We have a very diverse group, which lends an avenue to learn about different cultures and try different foods from around the world.

What is one common issue that you are hearing from your customers and how do you solve it?

The biggest frustration we see with our customers is trying to understand some of the online marketing strategies—how they work and why they work. Digital marketing is ever-changing and evolving; it’s also still new to many. A lot of our customers are still using traditional, mass marketing methods like billboards, radio ads and commercials. Although these methods can be useful, digital marketing can show greater returns and trackable results. We try to ease our customers’ discomfort by educating them and walking them every step of the way and when they have questions.

Your team just added LocalSearch to your SocialCRM program. What are some of the features?

The new service has so many cool features! LocalSearch includes:

  • Professional and optimized automotive repair shop websites
  • Syndicated blog content
  • Advanced analytics reporting of online customer behavior
  • Call tracking
  • Text message communication with customers

What’s the benefit for the customer to have analytics reporting?

Auto shop owners can see where their website traffic is coming from online. Knowing how customers are getting directed to the website allows the shop owner to know where to invest their attention and marketing dollars. It is great for developing business strategy.

Which feature are you most excited about for your customers?

My personal favorite feature is call tracking. Like analytics, it also allows you to see where your customers are coming from, their interests and behaviors, and how they are finding your business. From a managerial standpoint, it also allows the shop owner to listen to recorded calls.

For example, if you are getting a lot of calls but not turning over ROs, you can listen to the calls to see what is causing this lack of conversion. Also, call tracking gives you the ability to spot training opportunities, customer interests and needs, assess issues and discover business needs, like a busy time of day that may require more staff on hand. Call tracking overall is really helpful for business strategy and process improvement.

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