How to Write an Effective Email Subject Line

How to Pick an Effective Email Subject Line

When it comes to being able to choose the subject line for email promotions, there’s good news and bad news for Mitchell 1 SocialCRM customers. The good news is that you can pick any subject line you want. The bad news is if you pick the wrong subject line, it can land your email promotion in the spam filter mailbox.

Take for instance an actual example where a customer innocently selected, “ACT NOW FOR CHANCE TO WIN FREE OIL CHANGE.” He recently called to ask why Outlook put it in his spam mailbox. Unfortunately, there are a several words (ACT, NOW, FREE)  being used that are considered “spammy” in the email world, and will likely get this email filtered by some email client spam filters.

Besides asking yourself if it sounds “spammy,” don’t hesitate to ask your Mitchell 1 SocialCRM support agent for their opinion, too — they are here to help.

Here are a few general rules your support agent may discuss:

  • Avoid words like “Free,” “Now” or “Limited Time”
  • Use 50 characters or fewer
  • Steer clear of excessive punctuation marks!!!

More Information on Writing a Good Email Subject Line 

Here are two websites that can tell you what words to avoid and how to write an effective email subject line: 

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