How Technology Helps Maximize Fleet Technician Productivity

How Technology Helps Maximize Fleet Technician Productivity

Guest Editorial by Mitchell 1’s Scott DeGiorgio featured in Fleet Maintenance Magazine

“Maximizing equipment uptime is always a goal for trucking fleets. Trucks make no money for a fleet when equipment is down. In today’s tight-capacity environment, out-of-service hours mean lost revenue.”

This is the opening paragraph of a guest editorial in the May issue of Fleet Management Magazine, written by Mitchell 1’s Scott DeGiorgio, general manager of the commercial vehicle group. Scott goes on to talk about challenging issues facing the trucking industry and shares insights about how technology can help fleet technicians be more productive.

Here are a few key excerpts and take-aways from the piece:

  • Having skilled technicians to service commercial vehicles (both for routine preventive maintenance or when an unscheduled breakdown occurs), is always a critical factor in reducing unproductive time.
  • As experienced technicians retire from the industry, a new generation of techs is needed to fill the void. One of the most important skills the new generation brings to the industry (if we can convince them to join us) is computer knowledge.
  • One way techs can stay current with the industry is by having the latest repair information available quickly.
  • Facilities that repair multiple makes and models can work more efficiently when they have repair information for all those vehicles available on a single platform. That is exactly what the latest online diagnostic and repair software for commercial vehicles is designed to do.
  • One reason fleets often give for not outsourcing maintenance is they don’t believe the repairs will meet their standards. Many fleets actually bring the equipment back into their shop at the earliest convenience to double-check the work. How much downtime could be reduced if a fleet could actually trust that outsourced provider to get the work done right the first time?
  • Increased technician efficiency translates to increased uptime for the fleet organizations that employ them.

You can Read the full article in Fleet Maintenance magazine.


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