Have you met Manager SE Truck Edition?

Manager SE Truck Edition - Truck Shop Management Software

Power up your productivity with a complete truck shop management system.

We’re excited to tell you about our new shop management system to help truck repair shops keep track of all the moving parts in their shop.

Manager™ SE Truck Edition leverages Mitchell 1’s legacy of expertise in developing shop management solutions to deliver time-tested tools to the medium and heavy truck industry. The system helps shop owners improve communications within the shop and with customers, track performance, streamline repair processes and increase revenue per repair order.

We took the system a step further by integrating seamlessly with the TruckSeries repair information software suite for all makes of medium and heavy trucks. For the first time, independent truck repair shops have immediate access to repair information, trouble code diagnostic procedures, labor estimating and management tools on one platform.

Here’s a little look inside the software.

Notice the heavy duty truck selected in the Vehicle tab:

Manager SE Truck Edition - Truck Repair Shop Management Software

Check out the Plate-to-VIN feature:

Mitchell 1 truck repair information software- Manager SE Truck Edition Plate to VIN feature

Driver information is included, too:

Mitchell 1 truck repair information software- Manager SE Truck Edition Plate to VIN feature

And here’s what the integration of TruckSeries and TruckEdition looks like:

Mitchell 1 truck repair information software- Manager SE Truck Edition Plate to VIN feature

Having all the tools together in a single application is a great way to increase productivity at every stage of the repair. Until now, independent shops that service a variety of vehicle brands and models were lacking a comprehensive repair and truck shop management system to streamline their businesses for maximum efficiency. Now they have a powerful end-to-end business solution to simplify everyday tasks and improve overall productivity.

One of our customers who uses both TruckSeries and Truck Edition summed up the benefits of the system. Adam Burgess, manager at Joe’s Auto RV & Truck in Kingman, AZ, says, “As our customers bring vehicles in for service, the programs manage the whole process from diagnostics to final invoicing and everything in between. The best thing is this is all done with one login. It’s made a huge difference to the truck repair side of our business, maximizing our resources to their full potential.”

Here’s a quick peek at the key features in Truck Edition that will help you increase productivity:

  • Over 180 built-in business reports
  • Interactive Work in Progress screen overview
  • Advanced scheduler/appointment editor
  • Customer engagement tools
  • Plate to VIN lookup for Class 4-8
  • VIN decoding for Class 4-8
  • Labor estimating (with TruckSeries)
  • Repair & diagnostic information (with TruckSeries)
  • Customized inspection sheets (with Mobile ManagerPro)
  • Accounting integration (with Accounting Link)

In addition to truck repair shops, automotive shops that work on commercial trucks can easily expand the Manager SE shop management system to properly handle Class 4-8 trucks.

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