Greenhouse Gas Regulation: Shared Responsibility

Greenhouse Gas Regulation: Shared Responsibility

Truck manufactures and owners share a dual responsibility for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Regulation compliance.

According to paragraph (a) of 1037.601 emission regulations, “Engine and vehicle manufacturers, as well as owners and operators of vehicles subject to the requirements of this part, and all other persons, must observe the provisions of this part, [and] the provisions of the Clean Air Act…”.  That’s a long way of saying that everybody is responsible.

The manufacturer is required to provide instructions to the vehicle owner regarding vehicle maintenance that ensures GHG regulations are met. Owners must not modify anything pertaining to GHGs or fuel economy unless it’s justified by a change of duty or location. Aerodynamic fairings must be kept on the vehicle and low-rolling-resistance tires must be replaced by new or retreaded low-rolling resistance tires. EPA indicates in section 1037.655 of the Clean Air Act the modifications that can and cannot be made.

The best guidance for vehicle owners and operators is to always refer to and follow the maintenance instructions provided in the owner’s manual.

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