Got Quick Links?

Got Quick Links?

We do – and so do all ProDemand subscribers! The Quick Links can be found on the right side of the screen in the Maintenance, Codes, Components and Service Manual modules. The Quick Links are designed to give you quick access to fluids information, wheel & tire information, and a conversion calculator.

Below is a screen shot showing the Quick Links menu. You will notice the oil can, wheel, and calculator icons. The default view of the Quick Links menu is collapsed to conserve screen space but you click on the arrow next to Show and the menu will expand giving you the icons with quick link titles. Just click the arrow again to collapse it.


Here’s what each Quick Link contains:

Fluid Capacities – Here you will find a Fluid Capacity Chart. This chart will provide you fluid types, fluid quantities, fluid specs, and other related information. This chart can also be printed out for those vehicles you service frequently. Tip: S/H stands for Standard / Heavy Duty.

Fluid Capacities – click image above for larger view.

Tire Fitment – The Tire Fitment chart will give you information related to Wheel & Tires, including tire size, torque specs, bolt patterns, and other related information like generic tire information. This chart is printable as well.

Tire Fitment – click image above for larger view.

Calculator – This is a conversion calculator. From the drop down menus, simply choose the information you would like to convert, then type in the number and click “Convert.”

If you have questions about Quick Links – or any feature of ProDemand – you’re invited to join me every weekday for a live ProDemand training webinar. Visit the ProDemand Product Training Center for details:

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