Engine Slobbering is Nothing to Drool Over

What exactly is “engine slobbering,” and what causes this condition?

No, it doesn’t mean your engine is slobbering like Fido. A symptom of engine slobbering is excessive crankcase blow-by. In some cases, condensation can be seen seeping from the exhaust manifold joints. Engine slobbering usually results when an engine is run for long periods of time at light loads.

This condition is especially likely to occur when a new or freshly-built engine is being run in. If the engine is not run under load, the piston rings may not seal properly, resulting in oil carryover into the combustion chamber and cylinder wall glazing. Low engine temperatures can also result in incomplete combustion, causing low exhaust temperatures and the condensation of un-burnt fuel in the exhaust manifold.

When rebuilding an engine, it’s important to follow proper procedures for running in the engine to prevent engine slobber and possible engine damage. For more details, see the specific service procedures for your engine in TruckSeries.