Clamp Down On Electrical Gremlins: The Trainer video series

Clamp Down On Electrical Gremlins: The Trainer video series

Motor Age — Of the three electrical fundamentals of voltage, resistance and current, only current can be measured anywhere in the circuit’s path and remain the same. That makes low current testing attractive because testing can be performed at the most convenient access point to the circuit, rather than directly at a component or connector.

Measuring current in a working electrical circuit can help in a variety of diagnostic situations. By using a low amp clamp, testing becomes even easier. The low amp clamp, when mated to a digital multimeter or scope, can be used to test the amount of parasitic drain in a vehicle’s electrical system and to diagnose the cause of a relay-controlled component failure. Similar components, like injectors and ignition coils, can be tested simultaneously using this versatile tool. Even the operating health of systems like the fuel pump/delivery circuit can be diagnosed with confidence.

Join Motor Age technical editor Pete Meier as he shares some of those techniques in this edition of “The Trainer”.

Source: Motor Age

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