Challenging Vehicle Issue? Ask the SureTrack™ Experts

Challenging Vehicle Issue? Ask the SureTrack™ Experts

You’ve tried everything you can think of and searched every resource you know to help solve a challenging problem, but you still can’t find the answers you are looking for. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. SureTrack’s Ask the Experts feature gives you access to a community of experts available to help with challenging vehicles that come into your bay. With your subscription to ProDemand™, you have access to a free preview of SureTrack and the Ask the Experts feature.

Asking the experts a question in SureTrack is very easy; just click the Contribute button on the left side of the SureTrack screen to find the Ask the Experts feature. When asking a question, be sure to provide as many details as possible in the question sections. For example, include vehicle symptoms, any diagnostic steps performed, any parts replaced and the results of these procedures. You can also attach files to your question, such as waveforms and other diagnostic test results.

Typical response time to questions is under 15 minutes and since this feature is built into the product, you don’t have to remain tied to the phone. SureTrack will send you an email when there is a response to your question. Simply check back at your convenience for your answer, and then you can get back to work to complete the repair.

Each community member is rated by other technicians. You’ll be able to see how many times the technicians who have answered your question have proven their expertise by answering other questions and been awarded the “best answer” or “good answer” status. Once your question has been resolved, please be sure to close your question and follow the steps to rate and reward the community members who have helped you.

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