Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation: Manager SE Tip #4


As part of our celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Mitchell shop management solution, we’ve compiled 20 helpful tips for Manager SE users. We reviewed literally hundreds of ideas and selected 20 awesome tips and tricks from shops using this software every day and participating in the Manager Forum, an interactive community of Mitchell 1 Manager SE users.

These tips have been shared by shops just like yours. In their own words, they discuss their experiences and ideas that make their workday better for all concerned – and that includes you. We’ll be publishing the tips here in the Manager SE blog — one at a time — over the next several months. Enjoy!

Manager Tip #4

How can I “Tag” specific customer records?

“So I’ve been trying to find a way to ‘tag’ certain customers and then later find those ‘tagged’ records. For example, a family comes in and says they need a car. Open up their Customer screen and click in the Membership # field. Enter ‘needs car’ (something easy to remember) and save it. Now flash forward a few weeks. Another customer comes in, ‘Hey I’m selling this car, if you know anyone looking?’ Press F6 (NEW), enter ‘needs car’ (or whatever) into the Membership # field and BAM! There’s a list of the customers that you tagged with that phrase in the Membership # field. Now maybe you can call the person looking for a car and hook them up.”



Answer YES to save the Membership # field input.

Answer YES to save the Membership # field input.


If you’d like to read more user tips on the Manager Forum, simply click on the Forum button in the toolbar of your Manager SE program (see graphic below). Even if you’re away from Manager SE, you can still be connected to this community on the Internet at www.managerforum.net and gain valuable insights from content shared by your peers. Take a moment to open the Forum and check out what you’ve been missing!


About the Author

Tim McDonnell

Tim McDonnell first joined Mitchell 1 in 1985 and is a senior product marketing manager for Manager SE. He has experience with various Mitchell 1 products and is the company’s primary media developer for product training assets and a subject matter expert in shop management software and other Mitchell 1 products. He also served as the Vice-Chair of the AMI Board of Trustees from 2009-2015. He is also the “voice of Mitchell 1” – you’ll hear him on the recorded message when you call the Mitchell 1 office.