And the “Big Payback” Sweepstakes Winner for June Is…




And the “Big Payback” Sweepstakes Winner for June Is…

We’re happy to announce that the winner of our “Big Payback” Sweepstakes for June is MATT’S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE CENTER of Moorhead, MN. They’ve won a free month of their SocialCRM subscription! Congratulations, Matt!

Matt and his team were entered into the sweepstakes automatically by adding their SureCritic badge to their website. You can check out their SureCritic widget below and on their website at:

Having the SureCritic badge on your website tells the world not only that you’re so confident in your service that you’re willing to have everyone who walks through your door write a review about you — but also that you’re willing to share those reviews. It’s a great way to spread customer positive feedback with prospective customers.

If you didn’t win in June, don’t worry!  The contest is being extended through 2014. Once a month we’ll randomly select a winner from SocialCRM shops that have added the SureCritic badge to their website. Our next drawing will be at the first of August, so if you haven’t added your SureCritic badge, now is the time to do so. Your SocialCRM Support Agent can help you.

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