5 Tips for Running an Effective Coupon Campaign

5 Tips for Running an Effective Coupon Campaign

No business owner likes to “give away money.” That’s a fact. And in this economy, every penny counts.

So when we mention the word “coupon” to shop owners, we understand why they’re often reluctant to buy into this concept. But, did you know that coupons offer a number of great business advantages and opportunities?

Attracting new customers, retaining current customers and contending with competitors can be a challenging task. Coupons are a creative tool to keep your customers coming back for a special service or to promote a regular service. They can also keep your consumers informed of new services your shop provides and can even be a way to attract new customers.

Consumers tend to comparison shop and will do the same for your automotive facility. Which shop has a special? Whose discount is deeper? Who’s giving away what? There’s no way around it, so it’s to your advantage to make your shop stand out in the crowd. Coupons and promotions are a great way to differentiate your business from the competition.

The Mitchell 1 SocialCRM team has outlined five great ideas for shop owners to use when considering coupons. We hope these will remove the taboo about coupons and help drive more business to your door:

  1. Dollar Sign or Percent Sign?
    It’s a close tie when comparing the two, but we’ve found that the dollar off coupon has a slightly higher return. The defined amount off eliminates the consumer’s need to calculate their discount. It’s clear and straightforward from the beginning.
  2. Viral Marketing
    Take advantage of digital world! Ask your customers to forward your coupons to their friends and family. Word-of-mouth is the best type of marketing. It helps create trust instantly between the shop and prospect, and it’s FREE. More exposure at no additional cost!
  3. Sense of Urgency
    Creating the sense of urgency by adding an expiration date helps bring the consumer through the door sooner rather than later.
  4. Sell Customer Service
    If you don’t offer discounts, you can sell your customer service instead:

    • Free WIFI
    • Free shuttle
    • Free coffee
    • Rental car
    • Extended warranty
  5. Aggressive Coupons
    Running an aggressive coupon can help when business is slow and you need to get customers through the door NOW! It’s also a great idea to run an aggressive coupon when trying to promote new services or new equipment in the shop:

    • Buy One, Get One
    • FREE
    • Customer Referrals

Now that you’re thinking about coupons, here are some additional ways they can help you maximize competitive advantage in your market:

  • Use coupons to leverage seasonal changes, holidays and special events
  • Coupons supply fresh information and create a sense of change and newness, giving consumers a reason to take interest in a business
  • Coupons allow you to introduce a new product line or services, alert patrons to expanded hours, special events and other news
  • Coupons keep existing customers coming back and also introduce your business to new customers

Check out the SocialCRM Library for a wide variety of coupons and other marketing resources for auto repair shops.

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