Hub Bearing Inspection and Replacement – The Trainer Video Series

Hub Bearing Inspection and Replacement – The Trainer Video Series

Motor Age — Hub bearings are one of those components we don’t give much thought to. They’ve replaced tapered bearings in many wheel applications and are generally bulletproof, requiring little in the way of maintenance.

When they do fail, they can cause premature wear in tires and suspension components. Noise complaints and ride vibrations can often be traced to worn hub bearings. Even anti-lock braking and traction control systems can be impacted by excessive play in the hub assembly.

In this edition of The Trainer, we partner with our friends at Timken to share tips on the proper service, inspection and replacement of hub bearings. We also offer a few ideas on how to identify the most common causes of premature failure. So whether you replace the hub bearings as a component assembly, or as individual parts, learn how to do the job right the first time!

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