10 (or more?) Commandments for Mechanics

10 (or more?) Commandments for Mechanics

There are plenty of versions of the “10 Commandments for Mechanics” floating around the Internet. I’m sure that you’ve seen your share of them, too. We recently ran across this version of “10 Mechanic Commandments” on the Mechanic Advisor website, and thought it addresses some good advice while staying on the lighter side.

Do you have some additional keys to success in the auto repair biz (aka “Commandments”) that you could share? Be they serious or lighthearted, feel free to add them below as additional Commandments – who says there can’t be more than 10?! Just please keep them “clean” and respectful. You know the drill.

 10 Mechanic Commandments

Thou shalt keep thy cool with customers who test thy patience.

Thou shalt always use high quality parts in thy labors.

Thou shalt perform repairs to the best of thy ability in any weather, setting and through pain, sweat, and tears for the benefit of thy customer.

Thou shalt work on a Saturday or a Sunday in order for thee to help the masses carry their families throughout the land on their automotive chariots.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

Thou shalt not kill the service advisor.

Thou shalt exercise patience when thy customer explains thy car’s problems and diagnosis instead of thy symptoms.

Thou shalt offer a warranty on all labor performed and parts used within a reasonable time frame.

Thou shop shalt be cleansed daily to wash away thy shop’s oil, dirt and daily sins

Thou shalt not covet thy fellow dealership mechanic’s hourly labor rate.


Do you have an 11th Commandment for Mechanics? if so, please add it in the Comments area below.

Credit to Mechanic Advisor, an online automotive directory that connects consumers to local repair shops: https://www.mechanicadvisor.com/articles/the-10-mechanic-commandments

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