Targeted Results
with 1Search Plus

ProDemand® puts you one click away from all the information you need for an accurate diagnosis and repair with the 1Search™ Plus feature. Its advanced search technology scans the vast database of Mitchell 1 content and returns targeted results in specific categories, leading the technician directly to the information needed and cutting through all the clutter.

The graphical card layout ensures all relevant information is always just one click away. And the interface aligns with the way techs think when approaching a diagnosis and repair, so it’s intuitive and easy to use.

The Ultimate Diagnostic Resource


SureTrack®, the auto repair diagnostic software resource in ProDemand, is seamlessly integrated with ProDemand through 1Search Plus. SureTrack brings together a unique combination of intelligence and expertise to help auto repair technicians of any experience level increase accuracy and efficiency from diagnosis to a completed repair.

The industry’s most comprehensive source of expert knowledge for professional technicians, the SureTrack car diagnostic software combines real-world insights with repair time-savers and detailed parts replacement records. Build a diagnostic strategy with Real Fixes, Top Repairs, Causes and Fixes, and more to reduce diagnostic time and increase accuracy.

As part of the exclusive 1Search Plus feature, just look up a code, symptom or component and you get SureTrack information seamlessly integrated with OEM information.

Real Fixes

Learn what has worked for other technicians like you. Access expert knowledge based on over 1 billion repair records covering just about every year/make/model combination you’re likely to see in your shop. Every system – from ABS to Transmissions, and more – is covered with shop-proven tips and test procedures.

Real Fixes deliver information in a concise, complaint-cause-correction format, making it quick and easy to find what you need to get started. Diagnose and repair with more confidence, with industry’s largest database of real-world knowledge, all validated by SureTrack expert technicians

Top Repairs

What is the root cause of the problem? With this exclusive SureTrack feature, you’ll see which repair procedures are most frequently performed to successfully complete the repair on vehicles just like the one in your bay. Quickly determine the most likely fix based on vehicle-specific model, mileage, codes, components and symptom.

Causes and Fixes (ProView)

Get an alternate view of possible repair solutions and plan a diagnostic strategy by seeing how diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and symptoms relate to commonly replaced components. Once a code or symptom is selected, the Causes and Fixes feature shows the relationship between them and various components. This is especially helpful when diagnosing multiple codes returned from the vehicle

Guided Component Tests

SureTrack’s exclusive component tests give detailed, step-by-step diagnostic tests to perform, many in conjunction with Snap-on diagnostic equipment. When indicated, known-good waveforms provide a point of reference to verify faulty parts. You get all the information needed to verify the component is operating properly or failing, including:

  • Component location – Where on the vehicle the component is located
  • Component operation – What purpose the component serves for the vehicle
  • Connector end views – Graphics showing the connector and identifying the purpose of each pin
  • Best test location – The best component and pin/s to test

How to Access SureTrack

SureTrack is available to any ProDemand subscriber at no additional cost and is integrated into the 1Search Plus advanced search engine to seamlessly return real-world diagnostic insights along with OEM information with every lookup. In addition, SureTrack is fully integrated into several of Snap-on diagnostic tools such as Zeus, Verus, and Verdict (with a current Snap-on software upgrade).