SureTrack Community

The SureTrack Community is an interactive tool inside ProDemand that you can use to collaborate with other professional technicians in order to solve a tricky diagnostic problem. Since you are likely not the first person to come across that difficult-to-diagnose code or symptom, why not learn from the experience of others?

Interact with Professional Techs

The SureTrack Community gives you access to thousands of professional technicians, just like you, and they are working on the same vehicles, seeing the same issues as you are. You can participate in the community in three ways:

  • Search or navigate to community content in order to look for an existing community thread related to the diagnostic problem at hand.
  • Ask a question out to the community in order to receive new ideas about how to approach a diagnostic problem.
  • Share your knowledge by answering open questions or by sharing tips that you know may help others.

Ask Questions, Get Answers

The community platform features a robust notification and subscription system that helps you get answers to your questions quickly. Once you have repaired the vehicle, you are encouraged to close out your question and note the fix. Your solution then becomes part of the greater SureTrack data system to help guide future technicians who may come across the same issue.

ProDemand’s 1Search Plus also integrates with the community database. When you search for a term using 1Search Plus, community results for that specific vehicle and search term are returned, bringing back diagnostic shortcuts with no addition action on your part.

Who Can Access the SureTrack Community?

Anyone with a current ProDemand subscription can set up a SureTrack Community user account at no additional cost. In addition, many Snap-on Diagnostic scan tools can access the Community directly from the tool — click for a list of qualifying tools. Scan tool users can associate or link their SureTrack Community account to their ProDemand account if they have one.

SureTrack Community Dashboard

The SureTrack Community page is easy to navigate and includes these components to help you connect with other techs, view community threads, share tips, and track your activity:

  • Latest Activity – Shows the community questions, fixes and tips with the most recent ones displayed at the top.
  • Leaderboard – Shows the top users of the community based on their points for the past 30 days.
  • My Activity – Tracks your individual participation in the SureTrack Community, including your questions, fixes and tips as well as the latest posts you’ve viewed and the posts you are following.
  • Ask The Experts – Allows you to ask questions to the community
  • Enter A Tip – Contribute solutions to the community to help them when they encounter the same issue you’ve solved.

Additional information is available in the SureTrack Community FAQs.