Mitchell 1 Medium Truck MEDIUM DUTY TRUCKS

With MediumTruck, you’ve got the most complete real-world repair data for all makes of Class 4-7 medium-duty trucks. You’ll find our exclusive, best-in-class repair information in one location, with an easy-to-navigate interface and 24/7 accessibility. No more hunting around, checking multiple websites, or calling a service line for information. You have comprehensive, updated and enhanced information that is delivered in a single, convenient location and accessible whenever you need it. Vehicle Coverage Coverage

MediumTruck covers Class 4- 7 straight trucks from 1990 forward, in one location, with one login.

Truck Wiring Diagram Wiring Diagrams

Full-color, scalable wiring diagrams (a Mitchell 1 exclusive) allow you to select, trace, and isolate individual circuits, making cumbersome troubleshooting of electrical issues a breeze.

Truck Engine Photo Photos

High resolution digital pictures of components, connectors and location in full color remove the guesswork from repair jobs and kick your workflow into high gear.

Specifications Specifications

Context-sensitive torque specifications are a click away and keep you moving, not wasting time looking for specs elsewhere.

Truck Repair Headings User-friendly interface

Learn it once and you’re done — with you’ll have an easy, consistent interface to access information quickly and completely, rather than a different interface for each OEM.

Automatic Monthly Data Updates Automatic updates

MediumTruck is updated automatically so you’ll never have to replace pages in a binder or swap disks again. Plus, product enhancements are automated also, so you know you’re using a product that gets better all the time.