The Ultimate Diagnostic Resource

SureTrack™ is a ground-breaking all-in-one diagnostic information resource that brings together a unique combination of intelligence and expertise to help aftermarket automotive shops increase accuracy and efficiency from diagnosis to completed repair.

The industry’s most comprehensive source of expert knowledge for professional technicians, SureTrack combines diagnostic experience with repair timesavers and detailed parts replacement records, all wrapped in an interactive community of thousands of repair professionals and expert technicians.

Simple Search

A unique single-point lookup lets you search all SureTrack resources with one click. Find answers your way, with the criteria you choose: vehicle year/make/model, symptom, code or keywords.

Tabular Display

This straightforward three-tab display puts all information in sequence, starting with the most frequently replaced parts and the most common fix. And each tab shows all results in one easy view. See the answers you need at-a-glance so you get the fastest route to a diagnosis and repair.

Common Replaced Parts

What is the root cause of the problem? With this exclusive SureTrack feature, you’ll see which parts are most frequently replaced to successfully complete the repair for symptoms, fault codes and vehicles just like the one in your bay. Quickly determine the most likely fix based on vehicle-specific model, mileage and symptoms.

Guided Component Tests

Guided Component Tests are specific for each component and each vehicle, so you can be confident in the diagnosis. Includes component operational description, best test location and connection diagrams for quick results.

Waveform & Graph Images

No simulations here – this comprehensive collection of test results is gathered through actual on-vehicle tests, so you know exactly what to look for. Data graphs and scope waveforms provide a point of reference to verify faulty parts.


Tips and Real Fixes from
Trusted Colleagues

Learn what has worked for other technicians like you. Access over one million Real Fixes for just about every year/make/model combination you’re likely to see in your shop. Every system – from ABS to Transmissions, and more – is covered with shop-proven tips and test procedures.

Tips and Real Fixes come from two main sources: knowledge harvested through completed repair orders from thousands of shops and technicians across the country, and confirmed by expert technicians; and the SureTrack Community, an online network of problem-solving technicians, sharing their knowledge and insights. Troubleshoot that hard-to-diagnose issue by searching the database by symptom or ask a question directly and receive a response, often within minutes. Share your own tips and workarounds and save another tech countless hours of searching.

Collaborate With Your Peers

SureTrack is a unique collaborative tool, giving repair professionals the ability to get real-world answers from experts in the field in real time. Search SureTrack by year/make/model, DTC, symptom, or keyword — or ask a question directly and receive a response from experts.

Trouble Shooting Tips Used and Verified

Troubleshooting tips are contributed and enhanced by technicians in the field, many of them experts on particular makes or systems. Links to OEM-approved TSBs and diagrams are included. The SureTrack database of tips is verified by a Snap-on professional technician.