• Demo: Entering a Shop Event

    Creating a calendar event that is not driven by a customer appointment; exploring the options available.

  • Demo: Creating an Appointment

    Overview of creating an appointment in the calendar, entering additional information and also easily moving the appointment to another time when the customer says they can’t make it.

  • Add/Edit Scheduler Resources

    How to define resources for use in the calendar with the Scheduler

  • Add/Edit Scheduler Statuses

    How to add custom status entries to be used in the appointment editor

  • Tech Setup

    Technician Setup

    Overview of employee setup for technicians, service writers and their availability for scheduling

  • Scheduler Options

    Setup of business hours, holidays and hours displayed, drop off time for using the Scheduler.

  • W.I.P. Detail Window

    Overview of the information displayed and options provided by the Detail button for a selected order.

  • W.I.P. Screen Overview

    Overview of the screen to monitor existing work as it progresses through the shop. Includes sorting, searching, filtering and adjusting the WIP display.

  • W.I.P. Screen Options

    Overview of the options provided at the bottom of the WIP screen. (WIP Detail is covered in its own clip)

  • Vehicle Screen

    Overview of the additional options on the Vehicle screen + BONUS: How to free up a license plate to transfer it to another vehicle.