• Quote Screen

    Overview of the simplified Order screen for handling phone shoppers.

  • History Screen

    Overview of History screen and comparison to the F4 key – Find History Record option.

  • Sell Revision (Transfer)

    Utilizing the Sell Revision screen to give customers different pricing options for selected repair work, allowing them to budget for it.

  • Revisions (Sub-Estimates)

    Creating sub-estimates to gain customer approval for job-specific repairs.

  • Comebacks

    Overview of the Comeback featue found in the Symptoms window and the associated reporting

  • Using Symptoms

    Discussion of using Symptoms to quickly receive vehicles, record the customer complaints, looking professional, assigning value to diagnostic time and presenting the customer with standardized pricing in simple language.

  • Notes Item Entry

    Overview of the Order Item Entry – Notes window for one-time entries or repeat usage notes stored in Setup – Standard Descriptions.

  • Part Item Entry

    Overview of the data fields and options found within the Part Item Entry / Edit window.

  • Sublet Item Entry

    Overview of the Sublet (external labor) entry

  • Labor Item Entry

    Overview of the labor entry data fields and options inside the Labor Item Entry/Edit window.