• Causes and Fixes

    Navigating Causes and Fixes in ProDemand to find DTC to Commonly Replaced Parts

  • Common Procedures

    How to use the Common Repair Procedures Graph in your ProDemand

  • TSBs

    Finding Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) in ProDemand

  • TPMS Information

    Looking up TPMS Information and TPMS Reset Procedures in ProDemand

  • Component View

    Using Component Connector View in ProDemand’s Automotive Repair Information

  • Multimedia Links

    How to find OEM Multimedia Links in ProDemand’s Automotive Repair Information

  • Plate-to-VIN Lookup

    Plate-to-VIN vehicle lookup saves time and ensures accuracy

  • Quick Links

    Quick Links provide fast access shortcuts directly to the most popular information such as specs, fluids, DTCs, wiring diagrams

  • Demo: Entering a Shop Event

    Creating a calendar event that is not driven by a customer appointment; exploring the options available.

  • Demo: Creating an Appointment

    Overview of creating an appointment in the calendar, entering additional information and also easily moving the appointment to another time when the customer says they can’t make it.