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  • Program Security Setup

    Description of program security and creating users with passwords for protected functions

  • Program Flow Demo

    Quick demonstration of selecting customer& vehicle for Estimate, using Symptoms, Recommendations, Revisions for Repair Order, then Invoice, Pay & Post to History

  • Part Kit

    Overview of creating a Part Kit and selecting various options available.

  • Scheduler Options

    Setup of business hours, holidays and hours displayed for using the Scheduler.

  • Scheduler: Add/Edit Resources

    How to define resources for use in the calendar with the Scheduler

  • Scheduler: Add/Edit Statuses

    How to add custom status entries to be used in the appointment editor

  • Canned Job

    Overview of creating a Canned Job with labor and parts, part kit option, quick CJ menu and more.

  • Playlist 2

  • Schedule Overview

    Tour of the new Scheduler module including calendar views, display filters and options

  • Scheduler: Entering a Shop Event

    Creating a calendar event that is not driven by a customer appointment; exploring the options available.