• Program Security Demo

    Creating Usernames / Passwords to provide/deny access to protected functions

  • Program Security Setup

    Description of program security and creating users with passwords for protected functions

  • Scheduler Options

    Setup of business hours, holidays and hours displayed for using the Scheduler.

  • Scheduler: Add/Edit Resources

    How to define resources for use in the calendar with the Scheduler

  • Scheduler: Add/Edit Statuses

    How to add custom status entries to be used in the appointment editor

  • AutoUpdater

    Quick overview of the SE 6.5 AutoUpdater function that allows us to update features and provide fixes faster using the internet.

  • Data Protection and Recovery

    Quick overview of DPR (Data Protection & Recovery) for SE database backup.

  • Database Backup

    Overview of database backups made locally on removeable media (flash drives)

  • Toggle Demo Mode

    Overview of Special Maintenance menu option of switching to a demo database for training or to experiement outside the live database used for business.

  • Set Starting Invoice

    Special Maintenance – Set Starting Invoice # (typically a one-time event on Day 1)