Subscription Policy

Custom Body Text Policy:

SocialCRM Custom Body Text requests are subject to denial or editing if they contain any of the following:

  • Advertising – Information promoting, or linking to, 3rd party marketing companies, firms or programs.
  • Out of scope – Information that may redirect, or take away from, the overall value and benefit of SocialCRM.
  • Profanity – Profane words, or words that may not be profane but are written in such a context as to have a profane or derogatory meaning.
  • Impersonation – Content promoting yourself as another business or company.
  • Offensive Content – Disparaging content that targets specific competitors, groups, or individuals.
  • Content that violates any laws of the United States.

Cover Art Update Policy:

  • Mitchell 1 provides a Standard Postcard Cover Art rotation that automatically changes the cover art graphic throughout the year.
  • For customers requesting Custom Cover Art templates – Customers are allowed 4 template changes a year (seasonal).
  • For images not in the Mitchell 1 library, the customer will need to supply special images for custom cover art.
  • Cover art changes beyond four (4) Cover Art changes per year will be charged at $150 each.

Coupon Changes Policy:

  • Mitchell 1 provides Standard Coupon Changes at no additional cost. Standard Coupons are created without a graphic artist’s intervention using the existing CRM setup interface. Customers are allowed 4 template changes a year (seasonal).
  • Mitchell 1 provides Custom Coupon Library Templates. These templates allow changes to the price and offer text, but template graphic format and color will remain static. Customers are allowed 4 Custom Coupon Template changes a year (seasonal).
  • Coupon changes beyond four (4) Stand Coupon Changes, or four (4) Custom Templates changes per year will be charged at $150 each.

Website Change Request Policy:

  • Mitchell 1 provides you with a customizable Website template and allows you to request certain changes outlined below.
  • Website templates are only available to select once. Once the site is created you cannot change the template.
  • Mitchell 1 will update the customizable elements of your Website template, to include:
    • Website body text – this is the text located in the body of each webpage template including: About Us, Services, Hours, Address, Contact Us.
    • Website “slider” images – these are the images located in the “slider” section of each webpage (scrolling or static images depending on the template selected).
    • Website coupon images – SocialCRM standard coupon images, SocialCRM custom coupon images (postcard subscribers only), or coupon images provided by the shop (5 images maximum).
    • Business and additional affiliate Logos – We will use your current SocialCRM business logo and add/edit affiliate logos, if images are provided.

We are unable to add the elements below:

  • Music
  • Video
  • Domain-based email account

Website Change Request Frequency:

  • Mitchell 1 will accept website change requests once every 2 months, 6 website changes every 12 months. (After the custom site is LIVE).
  • Change requests will be done through your dedicated SocialCRM agent (email or phone call).

3rd Party Website Plug-in Guidelines

  • Requirements: Customer must provide required code(s), access key(s), etc. or a copy of a current invoice to verify relationship with 3rd party plugin vendor (i.e. subscription-based services).
  • Compatibility: All 3rd party plugins must be tested by our web design team. We cannot guarantee 3rd party plugin compatibility.  
  • Stability: Mitchell 1 is not responsible if a 3rd party plugin disables, disrupts or decreases website performance or access. (3rd party plugin will be removed. Future updates must be tested and also count as change.)
  • Visual Presentation: Limits on template space, color scheme and dimensions will affect how the 3rd party plug-in renders on the website.

Mitchell1 Website 3rd Party Google Ads/ Google Analytics Policy & Guidelines

  • Mitchell1 will implement at a customer’s request 3rd party Google Ads/Google Analytics gtag codes on a customer website
  • Mitchell1 is not responsible for 3rd party Google Ads/Google Analytics gtag codes that do not work properly and/or conflicts with existing Mitchell1 approved Google Ads/Google Analytics gtags codes already on websites – our troubleshooting efforts will only include if code was properly placed on website, all other troubleshooting steps must be made by customer
  • Mitchell1 will not alter and/or reconfigure any element on our websites to conform to a 3rd party Google Ads/Google Analytics request, i.e. altering the website’s appointment form/ contact form
  • Mitchell1 will create, per request of the customer a simple landing page for the purposes of 3rd party Google Ads/Google Analytics tracking
  • Mitchell1 will not alter/manipulate the call tracking numbers on the website for 3rd party Google Ads/Google Analytics functions

Content Copyright and licensing:

  • Mitchell 1 will only accept content that meets one of the following copyright conditions:
    • Own work: You own all rights to the image, usually meaning that you created it entirely yourself. In case of a photograph or screenshot, you must also own the copyright for all copyright-protected items that appear in it. (See an EXAMPLE or READ MORE DETAILS)
    • Freely licensed: You can prove that the copyright holder has released the image under an acceptable free license. Note that images that are licensed for use only on Wikipedia, or only for non-commercial or educational use, or under a license that doesn’t allow for the creation of modified/derived works, are unsuitable. (examplesee below for details) When in doubt, do not upload copyrighted images.
    • Public domain: You can prove that the image is in the public domain, i.e. free of all copyrights. (examplesee below for details)
    • Fair use: You believe that the image meets the special conditions for non-free content, which exceptionally allow the use of unlicensed material, and you can provide an explicit non-free use rationale explaining why and how you intend to use it. (examplesee below for details)
    • Purchased Usage Rights Licenses: You can prove the image was purchased from a stock image company (ex: iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, etc) and you have the rights to use it specifically for your commercial use.

Email Matching Policy:

  • Email addresses acquired by Mitchell 1’s email matching service will be used for SocialCRM email communications only.
  • Email addresses acquired by Mitchell 1’s email matching service will not be imported into your point of sale system or any other system used to generate email communications.
  • A list of email addresses acquired by Mitchell 1’s email matching service is available to be purchased at an additional cost; pricing will vary.