• The #1 Shop Management Tool for Auto Repair Shops

    Manager™ SE is the industry standard for estimating and shop management, trusted by generations of shop owners to manage every aspect of the business and track performance over time to optimize shop productivity. Related Videos

  • Time Manager Overview

    Manager SE now includes time management features in a simple & secure configuration. Service advisors can monitor status of repair work to know when certain jobs have been started and track how much progress has been made. Managers and service advisors need to see actual ‘clocked hours’ to confirm where they are in terms of […]

  • Onboarding Requests + Processing Service Alerts [VOYO]

    This video shows how to process an Onboarding Request received from a new or existing customer – then process an Alert with ProDemand diagnostic information. The alert DTC was sent by a VOYOLink device on the vehicle. Related Videos

  • Mitchell 1 Manager SE – Shop Management System

    It’s Manager SE’s job to make your job easier. The industry-leading shop management software from Mitchell 1 gives you a 360-degree view of…

  • Shop Reports Demo

    Now access selected Manager SE Shop Reports remotely through a new module link on your ProDemand home screen. All you need is a browser and internet connection. This clip shows how this feature is accessed. This feature is free with your Manager SE / ProDemand (TeamWorks) subscription. Related Videos

  • Manager SE Demo

    Quick demonstration of selecting customer& vehicle for Estimate, using Symptoms, Recommendations, Revisions for Repair Order, then Invoice, Pay & Post to History. Related Videos

  • Program Security Overview

    Description of program security and creating users with passwords for protected functions. Related Videos

  • Price Markup Matrix

    Configuration of parts matrix for markup values by dollar ranges. Related Videos

  • Tire Matrix + Tire Fees

    Overview of the Tire Matrix function that creates selling prices from user settings. It also covers the conditional setup of Tire Tax 1 and/or Tax 2 per state regulations. Related Videos

  • Manager SE Markup

    Overview of Markup options including Parts, Labor from ProDemand, Sublets and Shop / Misc. Overhead Related Videos