• SureTrack Real Fix: Undercover Problem

    Mitchell 1 SureTrack Real Fix LogoWhen you have multiple codes related to several different emissions components, you have to use your diagnostic skills to determine the actual cause. Follow this Real Fix to see how a Chevrolet Cruze with multiple emissions codes was diagnosed and which component caused the problem.

  • Leveraging the Power of Verified Customer Reviews with SureCritic

    If you manage an auto repair shop, you may be questioning whether or not you should encourage online customer reviews.  But the right question you should ask is where should your customers’ feedback be seen?  Answer: On all search engines for optimal visibility! Learn from our Marketing Experts in this blog on why customer reviews with SureCritic are a true game changer for any business!

  • SureTrack Community Fix: ETACS Attack

    Mitchell 1 SureTrack Real Fix LogoModern vehicles contain many modules that control the operation of most systems. When one goes out, or has an issue, it can cause multiple problems. SureTrack community member tchrono had a Mitsubishi Endeavor in their shop that had a no-start condition but once they were able to get it to start, they found multiple electrical problems. They posed the question to the community, and with the help of fellow community member Albanymitsu and others, they were able to resolve the issue quickly.

  • Are You Suffering from Fault Code Overload?

    The power of 1SearchPlus, combined with interactive wiring diagrams and full-color high resolution digital pictures, will simplify diagnosis and repair of fault code related failures. This is one of the many features within Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries maintenance software that will help increase your shop’s productivity, improve customer satisfaction and grow your business.

  • Is Your Truck Cab Smelling Fishy?

    Yes, Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. The sky is clearing. The sweet smell of blooming flowers fills the fresh Spring air. The warming air serves as a welcoming announcement that the cold closeness that winter demands is slowly fading into history for another year. But what about your cabin smell? Don’t let those unwelcome fishy odors deter your enjoyment of warmer and brighter days and here’s how.

  • SureTrack Community Fix: Total Recall

    Mitchell 1 SureTrack Real Fix LogoGetting your car repaired due to a recall shouldn’t cause other problems. SureTrack community member UNCLE BOBBY had a Ford Escape in their shop where the owner had taken it to the dealer for a recall and now the heat didn’t work. They posed the question to the community, and with the help of fellow community member Ericsautomotive and others, they were able to resolve the issue quickly.

  • Not Your Ordinary Wiring Diagram

    When it comes to organizing paraphernalia for maintenance and repairs, technicians understand that it is  paramount to keep commonly used tools within easy reach at all times.  You want to know where your items are located so you can grab them as needed while executing your “craft.” Thats where Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries comes to help by keeping all the pertinent information  you need available in “easy to reach” ways. Learn more about it here in this blog.