Manager SE Update: New Set Flag Feature

Now It’s Okay to Forget to Remember

Here at Mitchell 1 we’ve always recommended using Remarks on the Customer screen for any special notes regarding a specific customer in Manager SE shop management system. It was ideal because comments could be stored here without any concerns that they were ever going to print anywhere.

Figure 1


By default, the Remarks box is closed and only displays the very first line (Figure 1). So if your screen was ever left unattended and made visible to a customer, that’s all they would ever see. For example, you might type ’*****’ or ‘Preferred’ (an internal code for shop employees) on the first line and then press Enter to drop down and then type the nitty gritty internal details such as: a) Don’t take personal checks, b) Check account balance before work, c) Get a deposit before work or some sort of similar requirement from the customer (Figure 2).


Figure 2


This works just fine as long as service advisors remember to stop at the Customer screen before they go to the Order screen. But now there’s a better way to accomplish this same task with the new Set Flag feature (Figure 3), now added to your Customer screen.


Figure 3


It’s a box where users can type similar messages and they will most definitely see it as a pop-up box (Figure 4) whenever they start an estimate or repair order for that customer. Message delivered!


Figure 4


Figure 5


When the Flag Comment is no longer needed, then go ahead and click on Edit Flag (Figure 5); as there is no Delete button. All you need to do is simply remove the text and click OK. Note that the Edit Flag button will revert back to Set Flag making it available for future use.

We’re pleased to include yet another customer-requested feature in Manager SE. Thanks for your feedback – keep it coming!

And stay tuned for many more innovations to come.


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