Manager SE Repair Orders Statuses Are Anything But Status Quo!

You spend hours of your workday in the Manager SE Work-In-Progress screen checking on current work in the shop and answering customer questions about their service appointments. Your WIP screen Status column most likely looks like the one shown on the left. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a column like the one on the right, using the colors that you select? Now it’s possible to customize your WIP Status column entries using colors to inform all Manager SE shop management system users what the story is at-a-glance.


From the Configurations menu (or click on Setup gear), select Standard Descriptions, then the Status tab. Then select the status entry you want to change – click on Edit (or double-click desired line) to open the editor.

The Repair Order Status dialog window opens and likely set to Default (lack of) color scheme.

Now change the Text \ Background Colors selector to Custom Colors. Now you click on the Text color value (black 0,0,0) and it will open a color selection palette.

If you want to change background color, un-check Use Grid Background Color checkbox (system default value – white or yellow selection). This makes a second color selection palette available when you click on the Background color value (white 255,255,255) Select a background color from the chart and click OK.


Does your background color work well with the text color selected? You might not select magic combinations on your first try, don’t be afraid to experiment! Compare notes with other Manager SE users and finalize your new status colors settings.

Now your Work-In-Progress comes alive to convey R.O. statues faster with at-a-glance answers for everyone.

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